Before disrupting healthcare: What innovators need to know


Pallav Sharda. Before disrupting healthcare: What innovators need to know. 2016. A peerless book about the Health IT landscape, current and future trends, and words of wisdom in an epilogue.

In my quest to increase my knowledge about the health care information technology space and wanting to take advantage of a long drive, I found this gem of a book on Audible: “Before disrupting healthcare: What innovators need to know”. It is authoritative, informative, comprehensive and to the point. It lacks fluff, hype and doesn’t want to sell you anything. It contains numerous web links to the companies he mentions. A bit dry perhaps, but engaging, nevertheless. Importantly, the book is not only relevant for innovators but should be of interest to any physician who wants to understand current and emerging Healthcare IT trends that will be as pervasive as the introduction of the electronic health record.


I am not alone with my praise. Indeed, when I checked out the print book entry on Amazon, reviewers seem to agree. The book has 36 reviews, with only one 4-star and one 3-star review, and I don’t think that these are all friends and family of the author, Pallav Sharda. Pallav received an MBA from Northwestern University, a Masters in Medical Informatics from Columbia University, and a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from Delhi University, India which uniquely qualifies him to speak with authority. Moreover, he has experience working for large corporations and small startups. His personal website is here. The Kindle version of the book is only $ 0.99 , the print version $ 9.99 and the audiobook $13.97. The audio book is 6 hours long and has a professional narrator.

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